MariaDB for Developers

Crafting Data-Centric Applications

Learn and master MariaDB with this comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide, tailored to software developers.

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MariaDB book

Who is this book for?

• Are you developing applications that integrate with MariaDB?
• Are you new to MariaDB and want to get up to speed?
• Are you familiar with MariaDB (or MySQL) and want to master it?
• Are you completely new to databases?
• Are you transitioning from SQL or NoSQL databases to MariaDB?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, this book is for you as you'll learn everything you need to know about MariaDB. Tailored to software developers, this book covers topics such as installation, the fundamentals of the SQL language, advanced SQL, indexes, transaction management, storage engines, replication mechanisms, database proxies, and database connectivity from Java, Python, and Node.js, and more.


🏁 Chapter 1 - Introduction to MariaDB

🏁 Chapter 2 - Setting Up MariaDB for Development

🏁 Chapter 3 - The MariaDB Command Line Interface

🏁 Chapter 4 - Fundamental SQL Concepts

⚙️ Chapter 5 - Advanced SQL Concepts

﹒ Chapter 7 - Storage Engines

﹒ Chapter 8 - Replication

﹒ Chapter 9 - MaxScale

MariaDB book

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About the author

Alejandro Duarte Alejandro Duarte

Hi there! I'm a Software Engineer and author, currently enjoying my role at MariaDB plc as a Developer Relations Engineer. I've been coding since 1994, diving into projects big and small, with a soft spot for Java and other technologies. MariaDB for Developers is my fourth book—a project I'm really excited about!

I enjoy writing and speaking about frameworks, tools, databases, and in general, everything IT. I was motivated to write MariaDB for Developers to offer something fresh and developer-focused in a field where many great tutorials, articles, and books lean more towards DBA and operational topics. This book is for developers.